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Model # LS1600U

The Landsky LS1600U is a unique high-end digital satellite receiver with CA & Patch functions. It includes a USB port for easy software upgrading. It
s the most popular model in the LS1600X family and welcomed by thousands of end users all over the world, especially in the whole Latin America market.

Optional Added-value Solutions
Landsky offers optional added-value solutions and services to add to your communications success with LS1600B receiver as follows:

  • LS905M Wireless Transceiver Module (Optional)

The Landsky LS905M mini-power wireless RF transceiver module is mainly used to match Landsky receiver models LS1600B, LS1600U and LS1600E.

One master receiver with a smart card inserted can drive up to 16 slave receivers with no card inserted within its standard transmitting distance of 100 meters without obstacles. Any CA receiver with smart card inserted can be set as the master receiver. The slave receiver(s) can be FTA receiver(s) or CA receivers. It
s very appropriate for homes & community neighbors.

It has four main advantages which are as follows:
1. Easy operation
2. Easy setting installation
3. Stable and reliable transmission
4. 4 selectable operating frequencies

Function Diagram

Within the range of visibility, the reliable transmission distance is up to 100 meters. Up to 16 channels are provided. It can be successfully used in point to point, point to multipoint, multipoint to point communication combination modes.

2 LS908S Serial Port Splitter (Optional)
The Landsky LS908S is a unique RS232 serial port splitter mainly used to match our digital satellite receiver models LS1600B, LS1600U and LS1600E.

This serial splitter enables the user to split one real RS232 port to the master receiver with a smart card inserted into ten virtual slave receiver ports, each acting as an exact copy of the real one. Through the serial port connecting, all slave receivers with no card inserted can reliably share the same smart card to the master receiver.

It has four main advantages which are as follows:
1. Low cost card sharing
2. High stability and reliability
3. Simple to use, easy to connect
4. Simple menu setting

Function Diagram

The max length of the cable can be up to 100 meters. It
s a stable and reliable card sharing method very appropriate for end users like restaurants, TV stations and homes etc.

Main Features

* Fully MPEG-2 and DVB Compliant
* SCPC/MCPC receivable from C/Ku band satellite
* Automatic PAL/NTSC/SECAM conversion
* 5000 channels TV and Radio programmable
* Universal Remote
* 7 day Electronic Program Guide (EPG) supported
* PIG (Picture in Graphic) supported
* 256 colors On Screen Display (OSD) with multi-language
* Automatic network search for newly added transponders and easy tuning
* Blind Scan
* User programmable various satellite & transponder information
* DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 (USALS) supported
* Various switch types, LNB types and NTSC/PAL/SECAM monitor type
* Various channel editing functions (favorite, move, lock, rename and sort)
* Parental control for channels
* Ease to use Menu System
* 30 favorite channel group programmable
* Easy and rapid software upgrade through RS-232 port, PC to Receiver and Receiver to Receiver
* USB 2.0 host for S/W downloading (optional)
* USB 2.0 PVR function supported: 1 channel record & play with an external HDD
* Digital sound output with AC3 and SPDIF (Optional)
* Multi video output RGB, S-Video, CVBS & YUV (optional) supported
* OSD teletext (DVB ETS 300 706) and subtitle function supported
* VBI teletext supported
* CA + Patch supported
* One CA card slot for multiple CA system including Viaccess, Irdeto, Nagra, Seca, Conax, NDS.
* Serial port card sharing mode supported. Up to 10 slave receivers can be connected to one master receiver with a RS232 HUB
* Timer function supported   
* Automatic last channel saving


Technical Specification




Connector Type

2 X F Type, 3/8-32 UNEF-2A (1 input / 1 loop through)

Input Frequency

950~2,150 MHz

Signal Input Level

-65 ~ 25 dBm

Band Switch Control

22 KHz

LNB Supply

13.0±0.5 V/18±0.7 V, Max. 400 mA

Demodulation Type

QPSK / FEC Decoding (DVB prETS 300 421)

Symbol Rate

2.0~45 MS/s (SCPC/MCPC)

Video Input

CVBS/75Ωunbalanced /5 MHz

Audio Input

“Left, Right” /600Ω unbalanced


1.0V rms±2 dB into 10kΩ

Audio Output

“Left, Right” /10 KΩ unbalanced


1.0V rms±2 dB into 10KΩ

AUDIO/VIDEO Decoding & Output

Audio Decompression

MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 layer I & II / Musicam

Audio Output

Stereo Channel / Dual Mono / Joint Stereo / Mono

Video Decompression

MPEG-2 Main Profile @ Main Levels With Letter

Video Buffer

64M bits of SDRAM is provided

Data Rate

up to 15M bits/s (Max. burst rate: 228M bits/s)

Video Output

PAL-25 frame @ 720 x 576  NTSC-30 frame @ 720 x 480



9 Pin D-sub Female

Data Protocol

RS232C interface. The DVB-DSR is seen as the Data
Communication Equipment (DCE) and the PC (or other terminal) is
seen as the Data Terminal Equipment (DTE).

Data Rate

Maximum of 625K bits/s



Switching mode

Main Input Voltage

100-240 VAC @50Hz/60Hz±5%

Nominal Power Consumption

Max. 30W


Insulation Resistance

More than 10MΩ @500VDC Ambient conditions of 28.2% &70% RH

Withstand Voltage(Hi-Pot)

I/p to O/p: 3 KV(1 minute)

Temperature Rise

<75℃ on winding & core; <50℃ on casting @264VAC @50Hz

Safety Standard

Designed to meet IEC 9




Clock Frequency

130 MHz

SDRAM Memory

8M byte

Flash Memory

0.5M / 1M / 2M byte


Front Panel


8 Keys


Power on / off

Remote Control Input

Infra-red Receiver


40 Digit (7 Segment)

Rear Panel


1 LNB Input / 1 Loop through Output (2×F Type)

1×Video Signal (RCA)

1×RS-232 (9 Pin D-sub male)

1×S/PDIF or 0/12V (optional)



260 mm(W) x 200 mm(D) x 43 mm(H)

Gross Weight

1.8 KG

* All specifications are subject to change without notice

1×Digital Satellite Receiver
1×Universal Remote Control(RCU)
2×1.5V AAA Battery
1×Users Manual


12 months

Regulatory Approval
1. CE


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